April 06, 2006


It's funny, I put that up that poll and on that very day this site got a record number of hits. Some people must've been trying to vote several times. I guess there are people out there with absolutely nothing better to do than stuff like that. That makes me sad for this world.

Direct Energy sends a guy to change the air filters every 6 months. They've sent the same guy now for about 2 years. I've talked to him quite a bit since he started coming. It all started when he came and at the time the place was a mess and he saw my guitars out in the living room. He talked about how he wanted to learn to play guitar.

The following visit, he told me he was taking lessons and was getting pretty good at it. And then the following visit after that, the patch cord was broken on my axe and I asked him to test it out. Sure enough, it was broken -- but I noticed he could play pretty good. I was impressed. 1 year in and he had accomplished what he had set out to do -- to learn guitar, rather proficiently I might add.

Today I went to pick up my parents from the airport, and I brought them home. My guitar pal was out in the hall doing someone else's filters so I asked him to come do mine. We spoke again at length about our guitar fun. He and a few pals had started a band and they had been together for awhile. They had about 13 songs they could play. He named a few bands (most of whom I had never even heard of, but what do you expect he's at least 15 years older than me) that they play. It was cool. I told him about my band, how we play Christian Rock and he was impressed too.

We both play rhythm, and his band is very similar to ours. He, the drummer and bass are all beginners, just like us, and the lead guitarist is experienced (just like us!). That was pretty cool. I wonder who does vocals for them..

It's a new feeling to have my parents home. They took my keys and will be driving my car around. It will be weird coming home to a non-empty home. There won't be peace and quiet. They watch television too and I moved my old tv into my grandparents' room and they'll be watching in there, at least until Lent is over.

For me, Lent ends on April 9th. The 8th will be the last of Lent for me, ending a span of 40 days without television. I've had some trouble at around the 30-day mark but otherwise it wasn't too bad. I had some annoyances such as people changing their MSN names to display something that had happened in one of the shows I missed. I turned "BLOCK" on so that I could no longer see or hear from them. Some of those punks know that I'm on Lent and yet they still do it. I'll add them again after Monday. :D

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michellejl said...

I only voted once! :P
Sometimes I think it would be great to live away from my parents, we'd appreciate each other more and I could handle them for more than an hour or two! ;P Don't get me wrong, it is a blessing to have them nearby too, but...
Yeah, anyway have a great visit with your family, Brian. :)