April 24, 2006


I find it strange, that when it comes to electronics I will almost never buy anything that is a combination of several different things. For instance, I am hugely adverse to buying a cellphone with a digital camera on it. Or a television DVD player combination. But then on the other hand I am searching for this jacket that simple does not exist because it covers way too broad of various uses for a jacket. Similarly with shoes, I have always questioned the usefulness of having several different shoes for various activities. I have a pair of dress shoes, non-dress shoes, and sandals. That's it.

I see people who buy shoes for every occasion, one for running, one for basketball, one for walking, one for baseball. I've always seen that as absolutely ridiculous, but for me to expect that one pair of shoes can take me to through all sports and non-formal events, well, I guess I am beginning to understand those crazy shoe people.

Last week I winded up buying a MEC jacket. It is extremely, extremely breathable, slightly weather repellant, and that's all. No stuffsack, no hood. The fabric is soft and will probably tear under harsh hiking conditions.

So in the end, I winded up with a jacket that did not even come close to what I was looking for but I got it anyway. There is another jacket that I have my eye on, an offering from Cloudveil that costs $160. I don't know if I can justify spending that kind of money on clothing, but it's a pretty sweet looking jacket.


Tonight my parents should be leaving Toronto. I say *should* because you never know what might happen. They are trying to get through despite the possibility of certain immigration/customs issues that may or may not arise. I don't really want to get into it but what I do want to say is, pray they do get through. For their sake, my dad needs to get back to work and my mom needs to get back to school. And for my sake, to help me regain my sanity.

I want my solitude back, my independence and my QUIETNESS. I want to not have to set my television volume to BLARING so that I can hear it. I want to be able to close my door and not expect that in 5 minutes people are going to barge in, without knocking, to have a conversation or possibly, an argument while I am trying to enjoy a tiny moment of peace and quiet. I want to be away from home and not be worried that someone is going to machine wash and machine dry an article of clothing that can only be handwashed and hung dry. I want to be able to find things in my room again. I want my car back.

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