April 21, 2006

Blading and Jamming

Yesterday after dinner, I convinced my parents to go for a walk while I bladed. I bought a pair of K2 In-Line Skates last year and never got around to using them (probably because I was too busy gaming). Anyway, my parents went for it. It's been a very long time since I actually rollerbladed and at first I felt like it was my first time. Eventually though, I got back into it and was fine.

I think the most daunting thing for me is learning how to stop. Apparently people can hockey-stop with rollerblades. I can't even hockey-stop with ice skates! I use the rubber thing on the back to stop. I think I should start learning how to T-stop at least. The new blades I have are much much better than the previous pair I had, which had my ankles bleeding within the first 30 minutes. Also the wheels have far less friction, allowing me to accelerate faster and coast longer. My old blades were ABEC, whereas my new ones are ABEC 5.

We visited some of our old neighbors, which was kinda cool. Seeing people that we knew from way back when was very interesting, catching up on old days and how my parents were in their new life in Las Vegas.

After blading and talking to a lot of people, we came home and it was already 9:30. My dad started playing on my brother's guitar, trying to play Third Day's "Your Love Oh Lord". It was really annoying me because he was butchering it and I think he knew that too. All week he's been trying to get me to teach him to play.

My dad is awesome at guitar, but he grew up playing classical guitar and can't strum a lick. Picking on the other hand, he's probably better than anyone I know. But yea, strumming it's a total disaster for him unless it's a spanish song.

Anyway, this time I bit and pulled out my guitar and showed him how to do it. Even with me playing alongside him he couldn't pick it up. So in the end I told him to just pick the song. It sounded great with me strumming and him picking. Soon after we were doing just about every song I have. My mom was singing too, and my dad was doing harmony. It was awesome! Totally AWESOME.


C said...

hey! mb we can go blading while I'm visiting in early June. I'd have to use my old blades tho since my new ones are here in BC and I don't plan on travelling with them :P

eBrian said...

Yea, we should definitely go. Too bad you're not coming in May.. there's a Ride/Blade for Heart event coming up. Apparently you get to blade right on the Gardiner Expressway.. that will be pretty sweet!

C said...

I rode on the Gardiner a few years ago "For Heart" with a bike though. Are you riding?