April 25, 2006

Alone in the dark

After a trip to the airport, hugs and kisses all around, several frantic phone calls, messages, faxes and another trip to the airport, my parents left the country.

Back to the good ol' days, as they say. I had dinner in front of the television, watched an extremely exciting and entertaining playoff hockey game between (my) Montreal Canadiens and the Caroline Hurricanes. Watched Prison Break again, noting that Holly Valance is even hotter in HD than on the leaked episode of Prison Break that I had watched on my computer.

I also watched 24, where yet another character died. Although this time I was able to find some fun out of it, yelling "Touchdown!" with my arms raised when Secretary of Defense James Heller jumped off the cliff.

In the World of Warcraft (which I actually started playing again when my parents were here), because they hijacked my TV. I don't blame them for my playing again though, it was just a means to an end for me, not being able to watch television made me want to entertain myself in other ways, and since the only game I had on my computer was WoW..

Anyway, last night I played some more, but it's not so much an addiction as it was before. It's just a way to pass the time, and to see if I can kill enough furlbogs to give me high enough reputation with the Timbermaw tribe so I can get a trinket that summons a priest to heal me in battle. Yea, it all sounds pretty geeky, but you reading this makes you as geeky as I am.

Well, God has answered my prayer in letting the sun come back out, but unfortunately it's freezing cold outside. Let's all pray for warmth!

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