April 05, 2006


I have been reading about the new console systems that are planned to come out in the next year or so. The XBox 360 is already have problems in sales -- but what do you expect when you have a machine that costs $500 and no "must-have" game to go along with it? The biggest problem with XBox 360 is there's no game out right now that makes you think "Boy, that is a really cool game -- I should get an XBox 360!".

But on that note, there really is no game like that on the regular XBox either. What game on XBox is so great that you'd buy an XBox for? I can't think of any.

For Playstation and Playstation 2 (PSX and PS2), these systems are attractive because Playstation has almost a monopoly on Squaresoft and Square Enix games -- RPG games such as the Final Fantasy Series are top-sellers, there are the racing games like the Gran Turismo series. I just read that PS3 was going to cost $750US when it comes out. Who in their right mind would $750 for a gaming system?

Nintendo also has their "must-have" games. They have sole-rights to all Mario games, and then there's the Pokemon games, Zelda and Metriod Prime. Nintendo doesn't make nearly as much in sales as Microsoft or Sony, but they have a rabid following enough to do well. In Japan, Nintendo is still way more popular than Microsoft's XBox.

I guess it kinda makes you wonder -- when is Microsoft going to figure out that no matter how great the hardware, it's the games that make the difference?


Element B said...


eBrian said...

Halo is also on PC, and it's just as good if not better (try playing with an xbox controller vs. me with a mouse and keyboard). Why pay $200 for the system, another $80 for the game if I can just spend $80 and play it on computer?

Element B said...

You got a computer as well as halo for $80??? And if that's the case, why do you kids have halo parties on xbox and not pc then?

What's that? you're going to have another one soon? Would I like to come? Sure. I'll be there, thanks for the invite :)

eBrian said...

I'll be sure to tell Eric if he's having another one. He's been meaning to.

I already have a computer. I bought it for school, internet, email, watching movies and playing games. I don't need to justify the purchase of the computer by a "must-have" game because it has other uses. A console's sole purpose is for gaming.

Besides, Halo is just one FPS out of many available on PC. If I were to rank all the FPS's of all time, Halo wouldn't crack the top 20.

Element B said...

Your proficiency w/ a mouse and keyboard and your preference for other FPSs on a PC are irrelevant as to whether or not Halo sells Xboxes, which it does. XBox 360 will sell when Halo 3 comes out.

Halo is a franchise game, like it or not. Sony does not have a franchise FPS and until it does, Halo will continue to sell XBoxes. Regardless of what's on PC, people will still want to play FPSs on consoles, like it or not.

The fact that Eric and co. want another Halo party on XBox (as opposed to only having LAN parties w/ one of the 20+ superior FPSs) also dismisses your arguements.

As for anyone else reading this, let the record show that eBrian has played Halo on XBox and enjoyed it, and probably will again.

eBrian said...

XBox Parties are no different from LAN-parties. It's the exact same thing but it just seems less nerdy. The only reason I take part in these things is because it's as close to a LAN party as I'll ever get.

Consoles "dumb-down" FPS games, the controller itself is less intimidating to the non-gamer. Example of this is how half the people at Eric's parties have no idea what they're doing. But they're willing to play because it looks like a kid's toy -- which it is. You put a keyboard and mouse in front of them and they'll be afraid to play.

Don't get me wrong Brian, I have an XBox too -- it's not mine, I borrowed my friends box. And I do enjoy. My point is that there's nothing about the XBox that would make me buy it. And I can't think of any reason any 'hardcore gamer' like myself would buy an XBox because as I pointed out, there's nothing about it that I can't already do with my PC.

The XBox 360 sales are doing poorly and until Halo 3 comes out, they are doomed. Their marketing strategy is to get people to buy their box (whereupon they lose money), and then make money by selling games. The problem is they don't have any games. The only way Microsoft can come out of this is by releasing Halo 3 before PS3 comes out.