April 28, 2006

You can do it!

I've been giving this a lot of thought, about whether or not to blog about this but I feel like I need to do so in order to be accountable to it. It's kind of something I'm shamed of and also quite embarrassing.

So here goes.

I split my pants. Two days ago, I had heated my dinner, and was setting up in front of the television to watch. As I sat down, CRRRRRRRAAAAAAACCCCCCCCCKKKK.. My pants split right down the middle of my butt. At first I didn't even realize what it was, I just stood there feeling this funny cool breeze on my bum and I thought.. what the? And then I realized what had happened.

It's official. I am overweight. I can either buy an entire new set of (larger) clothes, or start working out.

So I'm gonna try the latter and see how it works out. Since that humbling day I have been working out slowly, ramping up to the point that I'll be able to go to the gym again. It will take some time because I literally have no endurance at all, no muscle, nothing. So it's like building from the ground up.

Aside from losing some gut and sizeable ass fattage, I also need to start working out the arms, just for the sake of the Longlac kids, so that I don't drop them when they ask for piggyback rides.


Psycho Girl said...

You can come run/walking with holly and i. I can only run maybe 50m before huffing and puffing and needing to walk 1000m just to be able to run the next 50m.

michellejl said...

Hmmm...I thought there was a picture of you on your other blog. You didn't look overweight to me! What happened? :P lol I am needing to lose about 25 pounds, if you want to start a weightloss and/or exercise blog, let me know. I have one too. I could be a support buddy!

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing your funny story, I could picture it.

Lon said...

Dude, that's just hilarious!