April 26, 2006


I missed most of American Idol last night but I saw the highlights. When I watched last week with my parents, and we all agreed that Kellie sung the worst but would still go on because she has certain "gifts" that will win votes. Ace Young was consequently voted off, despite having a few assets of his own, at least, from a woman's perspective. I guess it proves that boys are way more shallow than girls.

When my parents watch, they close their eyes and just concentrate on the voice, in order to judge who is the best. Tonight, I could not do this for Katharine as she was wearing nothing but a yellow bedsheet. She looked *amazing*, although the singing wasn't great. The best singer by a mile was Elliot Yamin. He is an amazing singer.. it's almost bone-chilling sometimes.

My ranking for the remaining 6 based on this week's performances:
1. Elliot Yamin
2. Katharine McPhee
3. Paris Bennett
4. Taylor Hicks
5. Chris Daughtry
6. Kellie Pickler

The order in which I think they'll be eliminated:
1. Paris Bennett
She's been bottom 3 for like 3 weeks in a row. There's just not enough black people voting for her to continue surviving.
2. Chris Daughtry
Guys like him do well in the show but the trouble is the versatility. He's a rocker. How many rockers have won this thing?
3. Kellie Pickler
How has she survived so long? She has RACKed up a lot of votes based on her keen ASSets. Her "aw shucks" personality attracts all the southern US voters. And everyone else.. well they just like her boobies. I know it sounds inappropriate, but I ain't gonna lie -- America loves boobies.
4. Taylor Hicks
I think Taylor will sign a record deal and the CD will sell and he'll make good money.
5. Elliot Yamin
Voice wise he has probably the best sound out of everyone. Unfortunately Americans don't like people with crooked teeth.

Katharin McPhee has the perfect USA formula for winning this competition. She has similar attributes to Kellie Pickler, only she backs it up with a good voice.


michellejl said...

My top 3:
Yey to Kellie finally leaving, it's about time! She is adorable, but it *should* be more about singing than looks and the girl just can't sing that well. I am starting to like Katharine again. :) The judges were a little harsh on her this week I thought.

eBrian said...

I think the judges say things to attempt to influence the voting. That's why they've always been kinda easy on Kellie, because I think Simon liked her. Fortunately, the voters finally came to their senses.