April 07, 2006

Coming clean

I watched 2 hours of television last night. My parents and I had gone out for dinner at Asian Legend and when we came home we were all vegging on the couch. My dad suggested to me that Lent was a catholic 'religious' thing that we don't participate in. I pointed out that it wasn't Lent, more like a fasting, of television. We talked some more about it, and we all agreed that God must be pleased with what I've accomplished, and that enough was enough.

I flipped on the TV and the 3 of us enjoyed an episode of CSI.

Then I watched some other shows which I can no longer remember at this time.

I was kind of disappointed, this past Tuesday I wanted to go to Mitchell's to buy Hillsong United's new cd "United We Stand". I called ahead and discovered they were sold out. To think they only had 50 copies of it for all of Toronto (they're basically the only Christian bookstore here, at least that I know of). Man, what a bummer. A bunch of us are going to their concert on Saturday, and we won't know any of the songs! That really sucks.

So anyway.. I "acquired" the CD by other means and have been listening to it, you know, at least until I get the CD. It's coming by way of raincheck in a few weeks. I know, I know.. don't even get into it. It's my way of assisting in the worship experience -- this way I'll know the songs prior to the concert -- because otherwise it's just a concert, but if you know the words they're singing, then it can be worship.

I'll review it again once it's "officially" mine. But the main difference I see of this album from the last is a lot less powerchords(?) or something, less metallic sound. More bass guitar and everything else. The CD in general is a lot more melodic, more mellow.

I'm not a big fan of an intro and a bunch of reprises and "Selah"'s they threw in, but otherwise the CD is okay.

Btw, if you haven't guessed, I have a cough/cold. It's irritating because I just got over a stomach thing. Coughing is way more annoying because of the whole needing to cough and the itch. Also, I need my voice for work when I'm constantly communicating with users and co-workers. I'm hoping it all heals up by tomorrow night for the concert. Then I can lose my voice (and hearing), and then do horribly at the choir practice on Sunday, and then be healed up in time for Thursday's Good Friday Service.

Yes, you read that right. Thursday's Good Friday Service :)

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-A said...

The Hillsong CD came in on Friday! Listening to it now! :D