April 11, 2006

Ten Commandments

Last night I saw what was quite possibly the worst ever rendition of the Ten Commandments, a miniseries or made-for-TV version that I flipped upon by accident. There are shows that you would call B-movies, where the acting is bad, low budget, etc. This was a C-movie.

What I found most confusing about this movie was that instead of Moses' cousin/brother Ramses running the show, it was his father instead, the man that should have already passed on. Wasn't it Moses' brother the Pharoah who's heart was hardened by God? Instead, this fellow was just a high ranking guard. And to make matters worse, Ramses' son -- the boy who dies when "first borns" die, was referred to by his grandfather, as his son.


b.p. said...

hahaha, i guess that's what you get for watching tv again :P

eBrian said...

It was on again last night.. awful awful awful. I think I could have produced a more realistic 'parting of the Red Sea' scene in my bathtub.