March 02, 2004

re: sermon

If something "works out" but God isn't pleased with it, will He necessarily point it out to us that He isn't pleased?

I think this is like one of those 'what comes first, the egg or the chicken' paradigm thingies. Everything that happens in our lives, happen because God made it happen, or allowed it to happen.

If something is working out for us, like a job or a relationship, and God isn't pleased with it, would He necessarily always point this out to us, like He did for Moses?

Because the way I see it is, if something isn't working out, it's because it wasn't part of God's will and He is unravelling it for us. So in that sense, it probably displeased Him so He stopped working out. But on other than the Bible is telling us that He would allow something to continue even if it didn't please Him, while it's also possible He'd end something that displeased Him.

In other words, we have no idea what God will do. So what's the lesson here, boys and girls?

The lesson here is that we cannot even begin to fathom God's thought process, but rather all we can do is try to live life according to what we think is His will. And to do that, we need to be in constant communication with Him, and constantly consulting the instructions He left us.


On a lighter note, you are currently listening to Getting Into You by Reliant K. I am lovin' this song right now. On the entire CD2 of Wow Hits 2004, this is the only song that I like. So essentially I paid 30 bucks for 1 good cd + 1 good song. I can almost play the whole thing now, but it's kinda sad because I can't sing the high notes in it. What's so sad about that? I could hit notes that high before my cold last month. Sigh..

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