September 12, 2004

anna, cont'd

I thought of another athlete who catches almost as much ire from fans as Kournikova -- David Beckham. Fans love to hate him, blame him for their teams' woes, etc.


Hewitt took a beating losing in 3 sets and being shut out in two of them against Federer. Federer seems pretty unstoppable. He's like the Hingis of men's tennis right now, except that there doesn't appear to be any Venus/Serena/Lindsay/Amélie's in the horizon for men's tennis.. which means Federer is going to win A LOT of tournaments!

pleasant surprises

Worship: The kids are singing a lot of Hillsong United stuff. I like it because it brings that rock element to Sunday worship, brings the young people (and me) closer to really enjoying themselves while they worship God. It becomes more of a joyous thing than just a thing they do on Sunday mornings. For us older people, the entire experience is important but I truly believe that for the young'uns the worship/singing time plays a larger part in the experience.

Choir: Today in choir, we received music for Amazing Grace. The surprise is that it's a 4-part quartet for 4 men, which means we'll have sort of a barbershop quartet thing going. I'm really excited about this. We learned about half the song and it sounds pretty cool!

Quentin Griffin: 100+ yards and 3 TDs after the first 3 quarters. Too bad I don't have TSN..

Brian Westbrook: Watched the Philly-Giants game. Wow -- I heard this guy was fast but he really runs, with power too. Really makes me wish I had TSN so I could watch Griffin..!

Mr. Luk: The food came really slow, but their [hua juan] was delicious. I remember eating them when I was little, it was one of my favorite things to eat.. Today's were awesome! Also, despite the slowness of the food, 5 people - $28. Good price!

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