September 06, 2004

Today we played tennis in the morning. It was Anita, Andrew, Eric and I. Nicole came along to watch. Afterwards went to a place called Sierra something. It was okay, big portions, etc. I ordered chocolate belgium waffles and a mushroom-onion burger. On the one hand I'm disappointed I couldn't finish it, and on the other hand, I'm proud of myself for not finishing it. More meals like that and I'll be back to my University weight..!

Lunch people were Anita, Andrew, Kevin, Eric, Nicole, Nancy.

After lunch, Eric came over and we attempted to Bond game that my brother and I couldn't beat. After a few tries we still couldn't beat it, so that was it. We tried some X-Box games, and played til about 6:30pm. Then Eric left, but he also left the console here, so I played all the way until about 9:30pm. The most fun I had was playing Rock n Roll racing. What a classic..

Then dinner. Note to self: Brian, when reheating a burger, remove the veggies. I heated up the burger, but the lettuce and tomato came out cooked, so the whole thing was soggy! Next time I'll know.. hehehe

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