September 14, 2004

father of the pride

Never intended to watch this but flipped to it purely by accident during a commercial break of Dead Man Walking. It was pretty funny.. I missed the first 10 minutes so I probably missed the whole story but they had some pretty hilarious scenes of Siegfried and Roy in the 7 Eleven.

dead man walking

I saw maybe 1/3 of this movie.

amazing race

I only stayed to watch TV because I was waiting for Amazing Race to come on. I think Chip and Kim made a fatal mistake screwing over Colin and Christy by using the yield on them, on a non-elimination round. Sure they couldn't have known, but still..

I kinda felt like they were trying to make Colin and Christy lose this one (I mean the producers), because the tasks were just too easy today. I've always felt that they do a lot of equalizing on this show, to keep things even and for once, they didn't do it.


I started using moisturizer or cream on my hands, for three reasons. One is my bad habit of chewing on my nails and biting my fingers which end up getting all bloodied up and scabbed. Using moisturizer keeps the skin from being dried up enough to protrude and invite me to bite it, and plus the oilyness keeps me from putting my hands anywhere near my mouth.

Second reason is to keep my callouses from falling off. When I play guitar I find that the callous that I build up eventually falls off and then I have to build a new one. But this way it stays on and slow builds up. It takes longer because my fingertips are moist, but at least they are still there.

Thirdly is just that they feel nice. When I look at my dad's hands, he started late and his fingers are already really dry and rough, like a carpenter's hands. I think it's a good idea to preserve my hands in good shape since I use them for work, games, guitar, etc.

o praise him

I find it quite challenging learning this song by David Crowder Band. The strumming patterns are really tough. Although there is barely any acoustic on the CD, to simulate the "sound" you have to do some crazy strumming. Plus I don't know how to make my electric sound like the cd's electric guitars. I spent parts of the evening trying to tab out the solo electric parts of the song. I ended up just guessing. Tabbing is so cumbersome, drawing out the strings and figuring out the timings..

seven samurai

Finally arrived in the mail today. I'm gonna watch it tomorrow.

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