September 05, 2004

So... here's my weekend in a nutshell.. or rather, in a few very long paragraphs.

Friday.. had people over and we rented a movie -- "Stuck On You". Very funny movie.. very very funny. My favorite line in the entire movie was "I taste.. icecream". It was so funny that I watched it again on Sunday morning before church and was actually late for church because of it. Anyway people were over, everyone but Duncan and the Yammer.

Saturday.. woke up early, and brought Eric to Kevin's place to help him move furniture to his new place. Then in the afternoon we met up with everyone else and moved more stuff. Moving all Kev's stuff reminded me of all the stuff I also acumulated over the years in school. It's hard to believe how much we collect and keep through the years.. Up until I moved here from the house, I had kept all my highschool notes, thinking one day I might need them! Anyway, after all the moving, everyone came over to my place and we had takeout Popeye's chicken and Mamma's pizza, and then played Eric's X-Box for the rest of the night.

Funny moment: I won't mention names, but let's just say a certain "dork" played an entire race staring at the wrong screen and wondering why he/she couldn't control his/her car properly. Hahahaha...

Today.. not much. Went to church, went to lunch, came home. I rented and watched "Bladerunner". Bladerunner was voted as the best all-time sci-fi movie ever made. To me, it was 2 hours that I'll never get back. I feel asleep twice during the movie. I was disappointed that they never gave any explanation as to why the androids had gone around killing so many people. Although I liked the simile to their lives being extinguished just like a tear in the rain -- going unnoticed. But still, no reason to go around killing people and being so violent. I give it a 3/10.

Movies like that should destroy a man's career but somehow Harrison Ford has had an amazing career since that movie.. Maybe there's still hope yet for Pauly Shore! (btw, "Pauly Shore is dead!" -- looks like a really bad movie)

Oh tonight I played some word racer with Anita. I spent all the games trying to make words with 4+ letters, it was very challenging. Near the end she was actually gaining on me, because it was harder to find those words. And we also played some Literati. My brother rocks on Literati, one time he sat behind me and we combined against some really high ranking guy, and we *spanked* him. It was pretty funny..

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