September 28, 2004

fashion by Jason Morant

You're love is all I have, it brings me to the floor
I can't ignore the way You make me feel
You're eyes are fixed on me, Your words will light my way
From day to day I will never need a thing

You're faithful to the end, You've let me know
Through every circumstance You will never leave my side
You're closer than my breath, You're always on my mind
And still there's room for more of You in my life

Invade my very heart
Change me until I am who You are
Come and fashion me until every part is how You desire

Those stains that covered me, they all have disappeared
Since you came near, You've made me like a child
Now I see through your eyes the way it ought to be
You're calling me to never compromised

Come and fashion me
Come and fashion me

Is how You desire, is how You desire

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