February 24, 2005

best actor

The best actor in my books if you were to ask me today would have to be Don Cheadle from Hotel Rwanda. That was hands down the best performance that I've seen so far. Yes, Jamie Foxx was excellent in his impersonation of the late Ray Charles -- but Don Cheadle moved me. He moved me. All I need now is to watch Leo in Aviator to complete the set.

Hotel Rwanda is an important film in acknowledging the unspeakable atrocities that occurred in Rwanda a decade ago. It was truly an eye-opener. I felt really depressed after watching it. It's kind of odd, how Rwanda was ignored and how the Tsunami victims get so much attention. It's such a contrast, one caused by nature, the other caused by hatred and evil. Both are tragedies, but which is sadder, a big wave wiping out half a country, or hatred/violence that leads to a massacre of half a country?

big mistake

Well, from the fantasy perspective this is a huge blow for my keeper league team. Although it does make my life a whole lot easier when it comes down to keeper decision time, it's a disaster too because I went from having the best fantasy receiver in the league down to just an average #3-5 guy. He's no longer a keeper in my opinion, at least compared to the guys I have. (My top 3 keepers will probably be Shaun Alexander, Willis McGahee, Julius Jones).

In RL though, I think this is a big mistake for the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings are a high powered offense with one the most sorry excuses of a defense in the NFL. They now go from a high powered offense to an average offense, and barring a major draft coup, they will still come away with a below average defense. In otherwords, it's back to the drawing board for the Minnesota Vikings.

You can at least make the playoffs if you have no defense and a strong offense. But now with neither one, the Vikings are toast. I can't understand this trade at all. It's going to be a very long season for the Vikings.

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