February 25, 2005


I am totally, totally out of the loop. I miss you MSN.. I miss you so much.

I forgot to turn on my cell for the past few days, so with that I've been pretty much unreachable lately. It's almost as if I really am on the moon, (which I am, of course). The weather here is very nice :)

This week has felt so long for me. Days usually fly by but this week they've slowed down to a halt. I'm so bored at work. Also after having slept almost all of Tuesday, I am so energetic now that I get restless really easily, and my metabolism is going nuts, I'm hungry almost all the time. Crazy.

feeling out of place

There's been times in the last couple of weeks that I've considered leaving this job because I feel like it's not going anywhere and that I'd rather be doing something else. But until I figure out what that "else" is, it'd be silly to just leave. I went onto the United Nations (got this idea after watching Hotel Rwanda) site yesterday looking for jobs. There were a few IT postings for Damascus. But that's Syria.. a political and terrorist hotbed. Can't be very safe there.. heh.

It was around this time last year, during MissionFest that I developed my first real "inkling" to go on a missions trip to India. Why India? I don't really konw what drew me to India as opposed to other countries. I think it was because at the time I was still hanging out with my classmates, and half of them were Indian/Pakistani, (the rest are chinese). It's pretty much a split at work too, either brown or yellow.


For that reason I guess, and the fact that MissionFest is back on its way again, I have been looking to the Good Book for answers. I started about 2 years ago, planned to read it from cover to cover. I stopped. About 1.5 years ago. Heh. Well I've started again, reading the bible while on the subway. Since I am so energetic these it has been easy, reading without falling asleep. Actually it's so much that I'm hyper but that I just can't sleep. Sometimes I'm tired and I just can't sleep. Stuff on my mind I guess.

Even though the stuff I've been reading (1 Samuel right now) is mostly storybook stuff, I feel comfort reading His word. The words kind of leap off the pages and before I know I feel like I'm right there on the battle field, the shield guy for Jonathan, following him around and slaying the Philistines. It's like a fantastic adventure!

And I hear "Ding, ding, ding..." *Dangnabbit*, it's my stop, time for work. :|


Queenie said...

the song is fabulous!


Psycho Girl said...

We're reading Nehemiah right now .. it's a fantabulous book ... by the way your blog looks too similar to mine.

eBrian said...

One of these days I'll finally update the site layout that I had worked on a couple months ago. I like this though, it's a very clean look.

And Queenie: I suspect this was a random click-to, but if you ever do come back: what song?