February 11, 2005

initial reaction

I miss instant messaging already. I'm one of those borderline ADD people. Things pop into my mind and I need to tell people these things otherwise I will go nuts, but I couldn't do that today. As a result I am completely wide awake with all kinds of ideas that I need to try to remember so I can tell people later when I see them!

There are things that I kind of took for granted too. When I could see that someone was online, then I would know if I'd be able to call them without getting their voice mail. Now it's just a pure guessing game. And I don't know anymore whether or not if I call someone they are "busy" or not.

Sometimes you just want to leave someone a message. What if I call someone and they pick up? I wanna leave a message damnit, not TALK to em!

Also messaging allows the "hiya" and not expect any purpose behind it. It's perfectly acceptable to message someone with "hi" and not expect them to even reply. And if even if they do, you don't have to have any kind of purpose behind saying "hi". I guarantee you that if I called someone and said "hi" and they said "hi", and I said nothing else, they would think I was insane.

And what about emoticons? How do you do a :'( on the phone?


Psycho Girl said...

This is when you send messages directly from vmail to vmail ... "please hit 8 to reply" ... then you still don't have to talk to people directly.

akt said...

Isn't it funny though that we'd prefer to talk to the machine than the person? Shouldn't our reaction be..O goody, I'm glad I caught you at home? Why have a one-way conversation when you can have a two way?

Psycho Girl said...

I'm still waiting for my phone call. Have you figured out what my digits are yet?

akt said...

Here, let me help you -



eBrian said...

i hope that's not really her number.. i get visitors from all around the world!

Psycho Girl said...

But don't you want to dial the number just to see?

eBrian said...

Okay, i'll try it tomorrow. It's a bit late now.