February 09, 2005

happy new year?

Gong Xi Fa Chai -- It's chinese new year. Happy New Year to those of you who celebrate this. I checked under my pillow this morning to see if the red pouch fairy had come, but she hadn't.


I was wrong about the dreams.

In the last week or so I have been having similar types of dreams. I've dreamt about each of my friends pairing off with eachother. Most of them have been obvious pairings, like as in Ross & Rachel obvious. There have been a few surprises with some of the matchings my brain as come up with. Disturbingly, some of the dreams have been "graphic", I don't know what to think about that.. as if my mind thought "hey, let's see how he'll react if we show him THIS.."

Perhaps with all the weddings going on in the past year and following year, it has given me a bit of a sense of "pressure". I totally blame my parents, who constantly hint at wanting grandchildren before they're too old to care for them, and suggesting random people from my childhood that they "always thought were nice".

I just wanted to get these thoughts down before I forgot about them.


I predicted the Craptors would score 88 points last night which put me within 3 points of the actual score. Unfortunately someone else on asbntr chose 93, which is closer. So I missed out a copy of Back To The Future 2 on DVD by one point.


Eh, just wanted to say I told ya so.

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