February 15, 2005


I kind of understand what anita was talking about now, when she asked me about the 'negatives' of listening to too much Christian music. I've listened to it so much that I've somewhat become lost in the tunes and have been missing out the powerful words of many songs. It's something I've struggled with before as well, just getting caught up in the music and losing the meaning of the songs themselves.

STILL -- although I've become slightly desensitized from the true meaning of some songs, I still feel like I'm better off than having secular songs stuck in my head.

Let's focus a minute on what it means to lose the point of a praise song, thus turning it into just another song. Is that blasphemy? I guess it would be if I was missing the ENTIRE point of the song. So it's really more like a semi-blasphemy.

I'm not knocking all secular music. I realize that some of it is okay, but whereas the object of secular music is:

1. Me
2. Love (between people)
3. Some girl/guy
4. Money/fame/power
5. Authority (rebellious)
6. MDK;

Christian music is always first and foremost about God. Even semi-blasphemy has to be better than any of the above. Perhaps I'm just overanalyzing all this stuff.. I thought that listening to strictly christian music would influence me positively, but instead I've become ... what's the word ... "immune" to it?

Mmm.. my chest hurts. I guess it's bedtime.

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