February 26, 2005


Tonight a talented friend celebrated his 30th birthday by performing in a concert and invited all of his friends. The performance was, needless to say, amazing. I always knew he was good just by listening to him sing when he led worship or special music during Sunday service. Or the fact that he's asked to play for just about everyone I know's wedding. But tonight he exceeded all my expectations. He showed off his range and his creativity.. he switched from moods and (I thought) took hold of the audience and helped us to *feel* the songs. It was truly a night to remember. Most of all he had fun out there and brought a smile to my face through the entire night. After all of it you kind of just exhale and say "wow".

So afterwards I run into some old faces and someone asks me, "So Brian, when's your concert?". Pfft.. right. Concert of what... farting? Besides, it's a long ways away (since I still get carded at some places, I'm going to say it's 10 years away and you'll just have to believe me). As I drove home tonight, I thought about where I'd be when I was 30. I suppose that if you asked me this question 7 years ago, I would've told you that by 30 I'd be married and my second child would be on his way.

But.. life is what it is. Anyway, these are some of the ideas that popped into my head, at age 30, what I'd be doing:

  • Sitting at my desk blogging about where I wish I could be instead
  • Living in a tiny hut in the wilderness; maybe even on the moon
  • Might be dead by then, and the rate I'm going with fast food
  • Dying (see above)
  • George Costanza: Single, bald, living with my parents
  • Married: Mail-order bride, anyone? [It's a form of evangelism!]
  • Back in school?

  • And that's all I have to say about that.

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    princess jasy said...

    boy do i wish i dindt' live in waterloo so i coulda been there.

    a talented friend indeed.

    gonna drop that boy an email now, thanks for the reminder :P

    p.s. don't be so grouchy. you have tons of talents and you don't need to live on the moon. DO NOT HERMITIZE YOURSELF MAN! ... BLAH. and call me since you're not going on line til easter!