February 19, 2005


First off, I wrote that comical piece to describe how I was feeling that day. I hope it's clear to everyone that I am *not* moving. Yeesh. I know now that if I ever DO move, I need only post it here and news of it will spread rampantly to every single person I know. Once again: Yeesh!


I'm tired. I sort of know how Kenric feels now except that I didn't have to work all day. My flight back from Vegas was delayed and so he woke up early to pick me up for nothing (thanks again). I did the exact same thing today because my mom's flight was also late. I guess the only real comparison is that normally Saturdays is the only day I can sleep in. Whereas Kenric was probably going to wake up fairly early since it was a work day anyway. Regardless, I'm grateful and exhausted.


char is ill from apparent food poisoning and missed small group last night. Please pray for her. Char: I have the cd back if you want to borrow it (I Can Only Imagine).

tim hughes

I bought two cd's. One is "Here I Am To Worship" and the other is "When Silence Falls". So far I'm liking the first one more. Seems more playable and more upbeat. I like the song "If There's One Thing", I swear I've heard it before (pretty much all the songs on this album are like that.. very familiar).

Both cd's will need more play before I can give a review but I'm pretty happy with my purchases.


Funny thing happened today on the way to lunch. We were taking the elevator down (me, mom, grandma). Grandpa couldn't make it because his legs hurt when he walks. So anyway, we were heading down, and when it got to ground, me and my mom stepped out. Now if any of you have been to my building, you know that the elevator doors are a bit nutty. So anyway, we turn around and before grandma gets a chance to get out of the elevator, the door starts closing all you see is her face in this frown and she makes a hilarious whimpering sound.

So now the elevator door closes, and me and my mom are bolting over to press the up/down buttons to call the elevator back. Well, that didn't work. We both watched helplessly as the elevator ascended, up to the 6th floor. It stopped, and then it came back down. *Phew*

Doh! The door opens and 3 strangers step out, we look inside and there's no one inside! So we both take it up to the 6th and sure enough grandma is standing there in the hallway with this funny frightful look! Hahaha..

los angeles lakers

I have a pair of extra tickets to the Lakers vs. Raptors game on February 27, 2005 @ 1:00 pm. They are Section 318, Row 9, Seats 4 & 5. $15 a pop. The only downside to these tix are that you'll have to sit with me.


-A said...

Hey man, rather err on the side of caution to see what's going on than to brush things aside and dismiss it as a joke. Do you realize how bad people would feel if you really did move somewhere on short notice and we didn't do anything?! :P

C said...

hey Bri,

thanks...feeling mostly better now :)


eBrian said...

That's ridiculous.. why would people feel bad about something they didn't know about?

Glad you're feeling better Char!