August 28, 2004

getting better

I'm still feeling some ill-effects of my recent (what Ina calls PMS) oddball mood, but I've gotten a lot better. Maybe my promotion has something to do with that, or maybe just the loads of time spent with small group people this week that has helped too.

I watched some Olympics and was able to shed a tear. Today it was the tearful joy expressed by the Chinese women's volleyball team, who came back down 0-2 to beat Russia. It was... phenomenal. And also the tearful agony of the Russians. They had to go through this in Sydney too, losing to Cuba after being up 2-0. Btw, Gamova was a beast.. her spikes were unbelievable.. kudos to the Chinese team for the come-from-behind-win!


Tonight's draft was pretty good, I did most of the things I planned to do. The only mistake (it might turn out to be very crucial) was grabbing one too many RBs early on. I took Travis Minor with my 2nd pick (5th round), instead of grabbing a WR, which is probably a stretch since many feel Miami will trade for a runningback to share carries with him.

Anyway, the "oops" part is that I skipped Stan & Yee-Lee's housewarming party, which actually turned out to be a surprise birthday celebration for those with birthdays in August, which includes me. So I essentially skipped my own birthday party for fantasy football.

Thanks guys for organizing the whole thing.

It's funny because I told them all along that I couldn't make it, but there were also a lot of hints. All week long people were trying to convince me to come anyway, or come for a bit of it. I couldn't figure out why people were so adamant that I come. I mean, their house is probably going to be the new hangout for us, so what difference does it make if I go today or next week right? And after the draft when I did go, Anita kept saying how "my presence there was requested", and I just figured she was kidding around. And earlier this afternoon she was saying "it wouldn't be the same without you". I guess that's true.. hehe

The honest truth though, is that I'd have been less inclined to go if I knew it was birthday celebration, since I don't like celebrating it. So maybe the surprise thing was a good idea. But.. furthermore I wouldn't have gone no matter what it was. If it were a wedding, I'd still skip it. Well, I mean if I'd been invited to a wedding then we wouldn't have scheduled the draft on the same day. We picked the date of the draft so that all 12 league members could make it, so we just wouldn't have done it today if I had plans already.

The point is that I wouldn't have broken a "date" with something else. It's not about fantasy football -- it's just principle that's all.

Btw, I had some cake tonight and my chest is absolutely *killing* me right now.. looks like I'll have to ride this one out. I guess I can't have even the egg in cakes now. Perhaps because I've abstained from egg for so long now that even a small hint of it will hurt me.. I wonder if I can even eat hard-boiled eggs anymore..?

billy blanks?

Anita and Kenric got me a Tae-Bo dvd, for reasons I don't quite know :P but I guess I'll check it out and do these funny aerobic exercises. I can clearly remember times that I've totally mocked these things.. haha

Thanks guys!


I got my Matt Redman - Facedown CD in the mail yesterday, have been listening to it. I like it a lot.

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