April 02, 2004

After reading karen's blog, I realized something that I've really missed out on while living here. Birds. I don't hear birds whistling or chirping anymore. I'm too high up in the air that I don't get to see squirrels running along, scampering around the fences, digging up treasures they hid in the ground last fall. Nature.

And sitting outside on the porch/patio just enjoying and marvelling at God's wonderful creations. When I look outside now, all I see are man's creations. It's just not the same.

I miss camping. We used to camp every year, sometimes more than once a year back when I was little. I still remember our yellow tent, it took so long to build it but it was always so fun doing it. Dad would dig a moat around the tent so that we wouldn't be washed away when it rained. And it always did. I don't think I have gone camping when it didn't rain. You pray that it doesn't rain, but it always does and I think the truth is it wouldn't be camping without rain. God knows it, I know it. Rain forced us all to huddle together either in the tent or under the tarp we set up over the picnic table.

I also miss fishing. I was never a very good fisherman, but I've always loved just sitting on the dock or in a boat, waiting patiently for a nibble. My biggest achievement in fishing is still the eel I caught when we went to Trenton. We went with a bunch of other families from church. None of the parents knew how to cook eel, so we threw it back in the river. As I recall it was about 3 feet long and 2 inches in diameter.. and it was feisty!

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