April 27, 2004

end of the line(age)

I uninstalled the game tonight. And I've decided not to buy the game after all. After seeing what it did to me the past 2 weeks I realized it was better that I didn't purchase it. It consumed me, caused me to think about it even when I wasn't playing it. I mean I've been hooked on games before, but for L2, this was only the beginning. After all, it was only the beta -- the real game would have plenty more content, and because it was the beta it was constantly crashing, and crashing is good because it gives you momentary breaks.

far cry

Instead, I bought Far Cry, a critically acclaimed game which has widely been considered the game of the year in the first-person shooter genre. I've been really impressed with it so far. The AI is insanely difficult, I spent about an hour today and couldn't get through first level. They limit your saves much like Freedom Fighter, only with FF I would die because of my own stupidity. In FC, I die because the AI is too smart and I get killed easily when they team up on me.

In terms of graphics there is nothing to compare this game with, because no game out there has a comparable graphics engine. This is the part of my blog when I fret and complain about how the system I bought just a couple of months ago isn't fast enough to run this game at the highest graphical setting. I can't even set it at medium! But simply put, the graphics in this game are breath-taking. I walked out of this sewer area (the tutorial) area onto a tropical beach. The lighting effects are crisp and clear.. like I said, there's no game out right now that I can compare it to. I guess one thing you could compare it with is when Unreal first came out, and how its graphic engine was leaps and bounds ahead of everyone else. This is the same sort of feel you get when you play Far Cry.


My mercyme CD finally arrived in the mail today. I encoded almost immediately and have been listening to it ever since (well, except for when I was playing Far Cry). Hmm.. maybe I should just plug my sound card to my dvdrom so i can just listen to the cd directly. Haha..

Anyway, it's pretty good so far. As usual the lyrics are powerful and the sound is great.


Forgive me if I stare
But I am taken back
That You would let me here
Regardless of my past

Oh my hands are shaking now
But I catch my breath somehow
I am free at last

Unaware of my fears
Unaware of my shame
Nothing else matters here
But glorifying Your name
Unaware of everything
Knowing You're aware of me

Tell me how I got here
Couldn't make it on my own
Just tell me I can stay
Cause it feels so much like home

And I lose all track of time
When I look into Your eyes
Your love is all I know
I'm aware I'm in a place I couldn't be

If You weren't there to call my name and rescue me
Unaware of my fears
Unaware of my shame
Nothing else matters here
But glorifying Your name
Unaware of my heartbeat
Unaware that I can still breathe
Unaware of everything
Knowing You're aware of me

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