April 04, 2004

Here's an oddity -- I got a full night's rest last night despite the loss of an hour by sleeping early. And yet, it's 9:30pm and it feels like 12am, even though it's really 8:30pm. Which leaves me to believe that maybe there's something going on in my brain that's making me more tired than I should be.

I've been thinking about how I can blog about this without damaging the situation, hurting feelings, or causing a commotion, and I've decided it's simply not possible.

So.. let's talk about sports. Tomorrow is the NCAA basketball final. It pits the University of Connecticut Huskies against the Yellow Jackets of Georgia Tech University. I'd like to see the Huskies win this one. I did one of those basketball bracket pools, and based my prediction strategy upon which players who would be drafted in the next NBA draft. The Huskies have Emeka Okafor and Ben Gordon, both projected to be picked within the top 10. (In fact, recent mock drafts have them at #1 and #5.) With the highest draft outcomes being Huskies, I chose them to win it all.

In retrospect I believe it was a mistake to base my predictions on this, even though it has allowed me to beat my cousin and his friends (from Maryland), as well as Kenric and Ina. The reason being, the mocks of the NBA draft have changed so much during the tournament because some players have been "exposed" while some have been "discovered" during this important tournament. For instance, Ben Gordon, the point guard of UConn was at the time only the 4th or 5th best rated point guard in the upcoming draft but has since moved to 2nd or 3rd.

*Sigh*.. This is pointless.

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