April 08, 2004

Brutal! And I'm not even talking about the listless Leafs' performance!

Amy and Nick, my choices for The Apprentice finals were fired today. The challenge was to be interviewed by 4 of Trump's executives, they those two got shot down. What's interesting to me is that Trump threw everything out the window for this 'challenge'. It didn't matter that Amy has only lost once, or that Nick had also been on many winning teams and was the reason they won last week. In the end this show (produced by Mark Burnett) is still the same as Survivor. You've got people who are really good at winning the challenges and immunities, and a couple people who lay back and do their own thing, only to bite everyone's arses at the end and win the whole thing.

Anyway, final two are now Bill and Kwame. I think Bill can win this thing, but judging by the way Trump directs his questions and answers with his two sidekicks, it seems like he really likes Kwame. Kwame and Bill had both always seemed pretty weak in terms of leadership, but in the last couple of shows Bill has really stepped up. He seems more outspoken than he was before. Possibly he's been this way all along and was just using some strategy, or possibly he's learned over time his weaknesses and his improved himself.

Regardless, I think Bill is pretty darned impressive.

Kwame picked Omarosa second. I can only think of 3 reason why he would choose Omarosa second.

(1) He's loyal to his african american culture.
(2) He was so close to Troy that he simply didn't make a lot of other friends and Omarosa was closer to him than everyone else left.
(3) He's an idiot.

I'd like to think that Trump is hoping it's #2, while everyone watching the show is thinking #3. Who in their right mind would pick Princess Omarosa? Goodness.. this one's going to come back and haunt Kwame..

Fixed? I thought about this for awhile, that Trump liked Kwame all along but wanted to test them out. First, he let Nick and Amy win last week so that he could get a chance to see the other 3. He got a good chance to speak with them and see how they performed under pressure. I think he wanted Troy fired ever since he tricked Katrina in the rental episode. Then this week he gives Kwame the Jessica Simpson concert.

If anyone has seen the Nick and Jessica Newlyweds show, they must've been thinking "Oh dear God" like I was, when they heard about this challenge.

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