January 20, 2004

along came polly

this is a date movie, if there's such a thing. i mean lets face it, the date ends after dinner, then you go to a movie, and then it continues after the movie. but that's not the point. the point is it's a romantic comedy.

purely for the laughs I liked this movie although i didn't think it was as funny as Meet the Parents or Something About Mary. some points:

- most of the jokes were covered in the preview commercials
- they borrowed a storyline from Friends
- hank azaria is *ripped*
- whatever happened to alec baldwin? now we know.
- baldwin is either super tall, or ben stiller is super short
- i will never get sick of toilet-bowl humor
- there's a 1 in 46,000 chance of falling through a subway/sewer grate ?


for once the movie ended early but i wasn't able to join the fellows for food, as i am sickly. being sickly isn't so bad except being sickly whilst being home alone is. i can really see what ina was complaining about. it's amazing how strong a small cold can be when you're lacking mom's tlc.

edit: yesterday i was in sort of a funk and crabby mood. giving the movie more thought, i'd say it was more of an adaptation of some funnier movies in the past.
- the dancing part is taken from the hilarious Stiffler American Wedding scene
- the RiskMaster comparison between the two girls taken from an episode of Friends, when Ross compares Julie and Rachel ("just a waitress" is an exact copy of the line used by ross).
- or a comparison of stiller's father in the movie, similar to Silent Bob, in that he says nothing throughout the whole movie until the very end, and when he speaks, it's insanely insightful.
- a lot of jew jokes, possibly adapted from 'will & grace', what with grace adler playing reuben's cheating wife ?

okay, i'm stretching, but anyway all that said it was still pretty funny i change my rating to a 7.5/10.

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