January 10, 2004


I went out today. First time that I've been outside since last Sunday. It's supposed to be -20 C with windchill. But it didn't feel too bad. In fact, I wasn't impressed at all. Maybe I should've gone out yesterday, when it was -34 C. Looks like I missed out..!

I bought two cd's, The Singles 1992-2003 by No Doubt, and Dizzy Up The Girl by Goo Goo dolls. I went out planning to buy the Dolls' cd and Michelle Branch, but Futureshop was sold out on her stuff, so I got the Dolls' cd, and then I just happened to see the other one, looked at the back and found 4-5 songs that I liked by them, including Sunday Morning, one of my faves.

The No Doubt cd is good. I don't usually comment on mainstream stuff, but I'd hafta say I'm already satisfied with this buy, having only listened to the cd halfway. I really really like the new song It's My Life, the remake of an old 80s hit. Also kinda neat is the insert, which gives 3-4 paragraphs about how the song came to be. I've always thought No Doubt was a little bit ahead of its time. They're not like regular bands. They incorporate various styles of music. Rock, dance, alternative, even reggae. Their music sounds nothing like anyone else, it's very unique. Anyway..

As for "Dizzy", I chose to buy this cd for two reasons. One, I like their stuff, and two, I've ripped them off for long enough. Having listened to googoo mp3s for years now, it's time to give back a little bit. They deserve it.

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