January 21, 2004

the laser printer was supposedly sold out. i'll call them later to confirm. in the meantime, my fever and headache have subsided. i've been drinking water like non-stop here at work and things are going well. except for one time i choked on some water and couldn't stop coughing, it was so much coughing that i couldn't breathe, or lost my breath. people around me were all flinching and scared. it was kinda funny actually, because i felt like i was gonna die, but everyone around was just trying to avoid me.

i wonder if anyone reacted that way to Jesus, when he was carrying the cross. i dunno, it could have been pretty graphic, people'd come over and then just be like "eww.." and run away? It could happen! I guess we'll find out when we see the Passion movie.

speaking of Passion, the bassman was telling me that the next Passion cd will be based on remakes of old hymns, so that could be a treat for those of you who are big "hymn" fans! it comes out Feb. 27.

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