January 18, 2004

i'm back!

my cpu got fried on thursday night. i'm not sure how it happened, it was working fine that night, but the next morning it wouldn't turn on. on saturday my friend keith and i spent a few hours trying different combinations to see if it was something else, but in the end we concluded it had to be the cpu.

our plan was to buy the cpu today, right after church, so he came along to the service. i'm not sure what he thought of it, i didn't ask yet. anyway on the way over to pac.mall, there was a funny sound coming from my car, so when we parked we had a look. flat tire! doh! luckily i have that nissan road side assistance deal, so they came in a changed the tire for me. it wouldn't have been hard to do it myself, but it was pretty muddy and cold so i didn't want to bother.

afterwards we bought the cpu, came back here and well, it's up again. thank goodness.

the last 24 hours made me realize what a crappy and boring life i have. i couldn't think of anything to do when my pc was down. i slept on my couch for most of the day watching who knows what.

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