January 24, 2004

i really hate it when you go to see a doctor, when they give their prognosis it's like they're mocking me."no worries, you'll be fine. it's just a small little virus. give it a few days."
her blank stares says it all: don't be such a wuss!

I hate that. you go because you're worried about your own well being, because you're suffering and the doctor just belittles you by telling you it's nothing. "pulleeze.. it's nothing. why are you wasting my time?"

well, i went to a walk-in clinic under kenric's advice since i've been sick for close to a week.

here's another thing, why is it that when you go to the doctors, while you're in the waiting room, somehow you start healing up? by the time i got to the examination room, i was totally fine, i couldn't even cough if i forced myself to. what's up with that?

who needs medicine, fluids, and rest? just sit inside a doctor's office. it's the same thing. of course the second i walked out side, i was coughing like crazy again. *sigh*

she told me that it should go away in 7-10 days, and just to sleep, drink fluids, and take it easy. she also said to keep eating, but try to eat bland soft stuff.

she said i didn't have the stomach flu. and it's no more contagious than the common cold. "common".. hmph! "psshhh.. brian, it's no big deal at all, it's just a common cold. wuss."

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