January 05, 2004

Today at church it seemed to me like the speaker didn't properly prepare for his sermon because he was dragging on those long sentences that you use when you try to reach the word count for a paper or essay in highschool. He seemed to ramble on and on and only got out 2 points.

In Vegas, my family goes to a church called South Hill Church Community, which is weird since here it's Toronto Chinese Community Church. They have Church and Community flip-flopped. The worship team at South Hills is quite good. The leader is a big Chris Tomlin fan so that helps. Secondly their drummer, apparently finished second in a national drummer competition. He's unbelievable, and he shows how much he enjoys when he plays, beam from ear to ear. The main pastor is Brett Johnson. His message is very brief and simple, but he gets the point across and they are very applicable lessons. Also they had this "Gospel Mystery Box", where a kid would put a secret household item or toy, and on Sunday, they'd gather at the front, and the pastor would have to open the box, and deliver a quick sermon for the kids, and use that object in his lesson. Pretty creative..

Tonight we had small group at my place. It took a bit of procrastinating to finish cleaning my place up. Yam brought an electric plate stove thingie and veggies and meat, and we had hot pot. It was pretty good.. I can't believe I don't have any vinegar..

There were 5 of us. Nancy, Duncan, Gladys, Carrie, and yours truly.

Aside: I am truly blessed by the friends I have in here in Toronto. Definitely my most cherished times are these, spent with my fellow servants of Christ. Each week I look forward to Fridays and Sundays, they are the highlights of my week.

Afterwards, we headed out to PacMall to have bbt with Ina. She's flying back down tomorrow morning. I stopped having tapioca whenever i go for bbt. In fact I dunno why i still called it bbt. It should be called ljt (lichee jelly tea). But seriously, no one would understand what i was talking about..

--- sports ---

as i predicted, indy got by denver. i used to be a bronco's fan, until Jake Plummer came along. I've never liked this kid. Nobody in the history of the league has had as bad of a interception-to-touchdown ratio (not counting this season), and still remained in the NFL. To me that says he was given one too many chances to play. So that said, I don't believe in "the snake", and I think he doesn't deserve to play in this league.

I'm a little miffed by the recent performance of Mr. Brandon Stokley. A great talent that did little or nothing, waits until I've completely forgotten him and then starts beasting.

also as i predicted, Favre beat the Seahawks. With the recent death of his father, I believe not only is he fired up but the team as well want this bad, just for him. Crappy teams can win when they have the proper motivation, so a team like the Packers are extremely dangerous. I didn't watch the game, but looking at the boxscore it looks like it was a good game. It's funny for Mike Holmgren to have been in two hard fought battles (think GB vs. 49ers a few years ago, Holmgren's last game with the Pack), and lose them both.

i was wrong about Dallas, although at the same time, was right that without establishing the run they'd have no chance.

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