January 06, 2004


i am going to start exercising. now before you start inviting me to your sporting event, stop. i haven't played sports since grade 9 gym class with mr. bury, so i'm not about to start now.

yesterday i started doing push-up's, and i will add various ab exercises as soon as i learn how to do them.

i've always talked about getting into shape but never putting any action behind those empty words. with all the time i have on my hands, why not sacrifice a little gaming time and putting it towards making myself healthy. for one thing i remember from my Ottawa days that working out kinda quashes the appetite or gives you a sense of 'bodily conscience', or 'stomach alarm'. also now that i'm nearing the over-the-hill mark, i figure i better get that metabolism a kick-start.

i was reading an article that said that working out in the morning, right after an 8-12 hour 'fast' is good. apparently something about how the body is low on some chemical that is needed for energy, and as a result the body uses the fat instead of that chemical. well, i'm not really that fat, tho i have fairly big, albeit subtly big, belly. and butt, i think my bum is big, at least it is, according to my mom.

officially i am cutting out Manchu Wok from my diet and replacing it with Subway. i usually have the Wok on Thursdays. maybe.. well i still have mcdonald's 2 times a week. would it be better to replace mcd's instead? the thing is the Wok meal costs about the same as a submarine, whereas the McD's meals are dirt cheap.

i am about to eat instant noodles with dumpling and watercress. WATERCRESS? i looked that up and it says "Any of several related aquatic plants". Gee, that says a lot doesn't it. it's leftovers from the hot pot. holy cow.. i typed that 3 times and kept typing "hoptop" by accident..

Until next time, this is..

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