January 24, 2004

The tire can't be fixed, so I'll have to get it replaced. Yippee!

My voice is really messed up.. I wish you guys could hear it.. it's a barrel o' laughs!

Last night I had a very strange dream in my intermitent sleep. It was weird because I woke up and somehow thought it was real, and then went back to sleep again and kept dreaming about it. All the way til when I woke up I realized I couldn't have been to all those places.

Anyway, the dream started out as a news story, when someone discovered that C.S Lewis had been a phony. Apparently, someone else had created this fake name and posed as Lewis, and written all those books. This guy wasn't even a Christian, but he had written all the books under C.S. Lewis' name, as sort of a trick.

Including the tales of Narnia.. they were all written by this guy, I can't remember his name but it was also two initials and a last name. I seem to remember W.C. Fields, but that doesn't make sense because he's a comedian. Anyway, maybe dreams aren't supposed to make sense.

So, in my dream the person C.S. Lewis never existed. He was just a penname. But then we (I can't remember who) were like, well what about those stories how C.S. Lewis used to hang out with J.R.R. Tolkien? How could those stories be true, if Lewis never existed? So then people started saying that maybe Tolkien never existed either!

That's around the time when I woke up.

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