January 15, 2004

yesterday in the bachelorette, this one guy gave her a pair of slippers and this great line: "It's so you know I'll be with you every step of the way." Aww... she ended up giving that guy the white rose, which signifies he gets an individual date with her. Smooth!

hmmm.. should i be posting this stuff on my blog? now i'll never get to use it!

last night's dream is very vivid. i dreamed that the rapture came, and i was left behind. but it was all online, so it was like I'd go click on a person i know, and then it would just say something like "user doesn't exist". Then I'd click on another and another. It really freaked me out. Only my non-christian friends remained!

i wonder if this is a common fear that other christians have. knowing full well how much time you set aside for God each day, knowing all the sins you've committed:

Would you be surprised if you were left behind?

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