January 08, 2004

more funnies from vegas.

my parents had a fridge in the garage. after all those tv shows where i see people store useful things in the garage, for the first time saw it being put to use. a fridge! food.. in the garage. what a concept!

my brother told me about this funny thing they do to eachother at school, it's "equalizing". it's a boys only thing. basically what happens is some poor kid is standing around mind his own business, and another kid will come up from behind him, reach between his legs, and "cup" him. LOL. my brother says it's funny because you can see a little guy do it to a huge guy, and when he gets cupped, he jumps so high up that it looks like the little guy is super strong.

also he told me there were next levels, where someone will "cup", and the "lift". And even worse, someone would cup, grab, and then pull down! Hahahaha.. crazy kids..

i'm downloading pics (finally) and will put them up somewhere.. I guess yahoo pictures?

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