January 14, 2004

I can't believe it's only Wednesday. I thought it was Thursday and tomorrow was Friday, so I left just enough food in the fridge before I'd have to cook on Saturday. Now I'll have to improvise something for Friday.. Darn! I guess I failed to mention that on Saturday I attempted to cook enough food to last the week. I missed it by a day, it seems.

Today I woke up on my own, for the first time since last year. I finally caught up from the sleep I missed from the past 2 weeks. My brain woke me up at 6am, then again at 7am. Then the alarm woke me up at 7:30am. I'm glad because the last few days I slept 8 hours and was still waking up exhausted. It was kinda scaring me..

Things at work are going normally. My boss has been impressed with my work on the admin manual for the system we've been working on. It's all coming together now. UAT starts some time in March, and as the lead I'm pretty excited about it. It should be very interesting.. haha.. here I am getting all excited about testing, of all things. It's funny how the other day I heard someone say "module" and it brought back some memories (and nitemares) of school. I don't think a day went by in university that we didn't hear the word 'module'. I guess what they say is true, that what you learn in school really is, 99% useless.

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