January 21, 2004

i've been in the market for a cheap laser printer for awhile now. it'd be very useful for me for printing stuff when i needed it, such as maps to get to someone's place. it's just a convenience thing i guess. anyway, i've been trying to get a deal for a laser printer for under $300. That's been my goal. Today I found this great deal at Staples, check it out!

Go to Staples.ca, and add the Samsung ML-1710 Laser Printer.
+ add the Acco $0.32 ruler (no kidding.. it brings your purchase to just over $300)
- $100 coupon (70829)
- $30 off $150 coupon (68342)
- another $30 off $150 coupon (68360... for complete list of Staples.ca coupons, check here)

total =$141 + 15% = $161
- $50 mail-in rebate for the printer. The whole thing comes out to $111. Haha.

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