January 07, 2004


eggs are very nutritious. i've missed out on this nutrition for the last 3-5 years, when i began to realize i was allergic to it. it made me think today that i should try to get back on eggs. there has to be a way. when i looked it up on the net, someone pointed out to me that i was likely allergic to certain forms of cooked eggs. in my case, she said that there were certain proteins created from fried eggs. I feel like i've been over this before.

anyway, i was thinking, maybe once a week i should try cooking eggs in a different form and trying them out. but knowing that there is some bit of risk from the allergy, i would set a date ahead of time, like a Saturday afternoon so that i have
1) ample time to recover if i need it
2) at least on sunday people would notice i didn't make it to church
3) well, let's face it i couldn't try this on a work night

i could sample small bits at first, and if nothing happened, i could try more and more.

from as far as i can remember, i have always had the same problem with scrambled eggs, but i used to be able to eat fried rice, but now i can't, which means the allergy has become much more heightened. but i also used to have hardboiled eggs with no ill-effects. maybe i should try that. also, fried eggs like a la sunny side up etc, i should try those as well. also someone at work suggested i try just yokes, or just whites, to see what happens.

i guess i'll target this saturday for my first try at this. hard-boiled seems like the safest bet, since i had them when i was little, and also i can eat those thousand year old ones without any problems.

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