January 25, 2004

I'm going to work tomorrow. As it stands, my insane coughing doesn't start until midday and gets worse and worse as the day progresses from there. I don't know if that has to do with my own energy level or what, but I figure if I get to work early and work my ass off, I can maybe finish the work (deadline on Tuesday) I should have been working on all last week.

I went to service today, and I'm glad I did because Victor spoke about something that I needed to hear, "From Bad to Worse". This past week has been a big downer for me, starting with my cpu getting fried, then getting a flat tire, finding out stuff that I was hoping not to be true, and then getting sick.

There have definitely been feelings of despair, disappointment, and sadness during the past few days. The sickness has really taken a toll on me. The last time I lost my voice this badly was in Ottawa, 3 years ago. I wasn't able to sing properly for at least 3-4 months after I'd lost my voice. I hope that doesn't happen again. Also not having Mom here to care for me has really made me super home-sick during this virus. I'm willing to bet that if Mom were here this thing would've lasted only 2-3 days.

I'm really thankful of the friends around me who are caring, praying, encouraging me. It's been a huge blessing. I know it's just a virus but this past week has been my first true test living out here on my own. Thanks guys..

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