January 11, 2004

what a disappointment. this weekend's football games were all disappointing except for one. they were good games, just that my teams didn't win. Go Colts! I think it's clear now who the REAL nfl mvp is.

those pictures will get done, soon.. the program i found to do it is nice, but it's a bit slow, i haven't gotten the hang of it yet. i want to upload them at 640x480, because at 1600x1200 they take too much disk space.

i bought an mp3 player from monchichi today. i'm not sure if it was the right thing to do, given my recent spending. but i was going to get one anyway, and this one was a cheap. i figure i saved money in the long run. worse case i could give it away as a gift..

i've been contemplating a new cell phone. my current one is kinda boring. i want a cool funkie one with flashing blue lights and plays a nice tune when the phone rings. i want the whole world to know when i'm getting a call! telus has the new lg4600 (incidentally i discovered the lg 7000 is already out in asia). still, it flashes and has color screen, and has a polyphonic ringer. what more could a guy ask for?

for everyone who's sick.. get well! G suggests taking vitamin c's.. i did that in university, but nowadays with all those sick days i have stored up, i kinda don't mind if i got sick. haha.. i'm kidding of course. if anything, i should at least try to get better to benefit those around me!

take care everyone.

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