January 08, 2004

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just a few words about something i was just reading over lunch. espn did an article on eli manning, younger brother of current nfl co-mvp, and how he could be the #1 overall pick at this years draft. what a great story this is, if he were to be taken first over all by the Chargers. what a family. what's even cooler is Eli, short of Elisha, went to the same school his father played, you know what else, his mother was homecoming queen from that same school, Ole Miss. isn't that amazing?

both boys, quite smart, garnering honor roll every year. both are 6-5, peyton is about 10 pounds heavier. both obliterated college records, and both are winners. even their father was great, archie made the pro bowl twice in his illustrious nfl career. all 3 play the same drop-back style.

it's probably not a big deal but to me this is all very cool. i mean their father must be absolutely thrilled. he spent 14 years in the nfl with absolutely atrocious teams, some of the worst offensive lines in the history of the nfl. he was battered and beaten. then you look at Peyton Manning, who's well on his way to be one of the most successful quarterbacks ever, improving from previous year every year since he entered the league. the Colts have good coaching, and a *very* nice offensive nucleus to build around.

and not to jump the gun but imagine if Eli Manning goes to the Chargers. That's an even better (younger) nucleus to build around. David Boston, LaDainian Tomlinson. there's nothing better than having a great pass-catching runningback for a young quarterback. it provides the qb with a safety blanket. and tomlinson had what, 100 receptions this season?

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