January 22, 2004

I stayed home again today.

This morning I tried to catch up on blog reading. It's near impossible of course, you go to one, then another and another. There is one cool thing to note though, is the blogger banner and what it advertises for each person's blog. Check it out:

ebrian: "Small Group Curriculum" and "Free Bible Software", related searches: sermon central, sermons
sihlian: "Cool Mind Warm Heart" and "Free Bible Software", related searches: jacky cheung, weather canada
gkyam: "Do You Like Weird Music?", related searches: weird stuff, weird things
jedi-master: "Knee Pads" and "Pet Portrait Paintings", related searches: cartoon animals, cartoon dogs
ilchan: "Christian Faith" and "Troubled by Snoring?", related searches: sleep disorders, sleep
bassman_4f: "100% Free Blog Hosting" and "LiveLogCity", related searches: blog, blogger
iceman_onizuka: "Free Bible Software" and "Upcoming 'Passion' Movie", related searches: prayer of jabaz, jabaz

I read a lot more than these, but I barely knew most of them. Haha.. That's enough stalking for one day, I think. And yeah, I know that the banners are random -- but they're always somewhat related to the page still.

haha.. sharted.

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