January 23, 2004

Another day, another missed day. Another day of sickness. This morning when I woke up I felt so much better. Everything was fine except for a stomach ache. That stomach ache grew into major pains until eventually it came.

Needless to say I have the stomach flu.

Looking at some online articles, this thing should pass in a few days, after which I should probably go and see a doctor. I'm hoping it'll be gone by Sunday, but it doesn't look like this will happen.

I have the chills now. When I cough, it no longer feels like I'm doing any damage, but on the other hand, there's nothing left to damage because most of my voice is gone.

I made some congee with chicken broth for dinner. It didn't taste too good, but more importantly, my stomach hasn't started gargling so maybe that's a good sign.

Tomorrow I have to drive to Scarborough to get that flat tired fixed.

I'm going to bed now. Have a good night.

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