February 11, 2004

A coupla days ago someone asked me about where my name 'eBrian' came from, and if it had any special meaning. What defines eBrian?

Why eBrian? Because I felt like it. There was all that e-business stuff going around at the time, and there was e-mail, which has now turned into just one word "email". So eBrian just made sense.

But what defines eBrian? In my last year of CCF, they gave me a glass with a word engraved on it that they felt best described me. The word was "joy". I think what defines eBrian is joy. That and my obsession with anything related with computers. Pure unexplainable joy. Joy that sometimes doesn't make sense. I think that lately with the craziness that's been going on around me I've forgotten how to feel that sense of joy that I've had before.

I miss that, and it's come back to me in the last few days.

I remember one time in Ottawa, I was standing outside waiting for the bus, and it started to rain. It actually started pouring, and I was getting drenched. But I was laughing.. out loud. I think that's kinda weird now that I think of it.. but anyway, I miss finding joy in those types of things.

Anyway.. yesterday after work I met with my dad's friend Tony, who helped me re-activate the alarm for our house (that's right, to all you who lended me your fans.. they could've been stolen easily!). Then I went to pick up Kenric from work, and we headed to the dealership to get my tire fixed.

These guys are unbelievable. I kept asking them how long it would take, they said 20-30 minutes. Yet, we were there for approximately 1.5 hours. Even when they finally drove my car into the garage, I saw it being hoisted up and no one worked on it for 10 minutes! And get this, it costed over $200 for the whole sha-bang. The tire was $160!! Shocking, considering the chinese autoshop quoted me $110. Doh..

The tire fixing took so long that it cut into the beginning of Monster, so we didn't even bother to go see it. Instead we targeted Girl with a Pearl Earring (Scarlett!!). But we ended up missing that one too, because the food came a bit too slow at the (something) & Firkin.

But all in all it was a fun night, I finally got to drive on the highway, which I've missed a lot.

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