February 21, 2004

lunch and thereafter

Most of my posts below were rants, which don't need to be read. Just me blowing off some steam.

After the contractors fiasco, I went over to Charita's house for lunch. Her parents invited me over. They have a new house now, and the layout of the house is really close to my parents' home in Vegas. It was a wonderful time of catching up, just talking about my parents, and how I'm doing. It was great seeing them, we really haven't done that sort of thing since we left M3C. I miss hanging out with 'families', too. I haven't been able to do that since I visited mine. Also, I got to finally have some real home cooking, first time since Las Vegas.

In some ways it made me a little bit homesick, but it also reminded me again of God's blessings.

I stayed for about 3-4 hours at their home. After lunch I watched a tape of last weeks' Apprentice with Charita. Her dog Tiny is so cute, he cuddles up with her on the couch. Tiny was afraid of me because I was dressed in all black, and apparently he'd had some traumatic experience as a puppy with guys dressed in black. Namely, Naoto and Will used to tease and scare the crap out of him.

Charita's mom gave me a tub of leftover [guo tieh], which I'm about to consume for dinner. I've lost 10 pounds since I visited my family in LV. I really need to start cooking again.. it is just not good, the way I am caring (or not caring) for my body.

After that I went to Mitchell's to hunt for a new devotional book. I started looking for a men's devotional book but they only had one, and they were short daily readings based on one short verse. I didn't think I'd get anything out of it. Then I remembered Lon telling me that I'd really like Max Lucado's writing, so I headed over to his section, and found a book that had been reviewed by someone at the store. I bought it. It's called "Traveling Light". I also got a CD called "WOW Hits 2004". I don't know why I bought it. Hope it's good.

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