February 18, 2004

As a joke i told Nate's friend Ken to make sure he gets a good shot of Vince Carter's facial expression when he falls injured. Talk about foreshadowing, he really did get injured again. In our entire section, not a single person showed any bit of concern for him. Some people laughed when he went down, while others yelled "GET UP!!". Kenric and I sorta just sat there and didn't say anything. I think it's safe to say that Toronto is sick and tired of Vince getting hurt.

Ken's got this great idea of putting binoculars in front of his digital camera, and then taking the picture. He showed us the results and they were pretty nice. He got a few great pics of Vince clutching his leg. It was pretty funny. There's one of three other players standing over him and I swear it looked like one of them was laughing..


Ever since reading about worship in PDL, I've often paused and not sung along during worship times so that I could reflect on the words themselves rather than be caught up with the music. Because I do that, I can get caught up in the music and I have to stop myself from letting that happen during worship, because I can get into a trance almost of just enjoying the music. Like, I could react the same way to a praise song as to a Josh Groban song, or even a Michelle Branch song, and I think that would be wrong of me to do so. So, despite my love for singing, I force myself not to sing and just reflect on words only.

So when asked what my favorite praise song is, I couldn't tell you. I could easily name off a bunch of songs I enjoy singing, but in terms of songs that mean a lot to me, I can't think of any. Maybe.. "I Will Offer My Life" or "Will You Worship".

I will offer up my life in spirit and truth
Pouring out the oil of love as my worship to You
In surrender I must give my every part
Lord receive the sacrifice of a broken heart

Jesus, what can I give
What can I bring
To so faithful a friend
To so loving a king
Saviour, what can be said
What can be sung
As a praise of Your name
For the things You have done

Oh my words could not tell
Not even in part
Of the debt of love that is owed
By this thankful heart

You deserve my every breath for You've paid the great cost
Giving up Your life to death, even death on a cross
You took all my shame away, there defeated my sin
Opened up the gates of Heaven, and have beckoned me in

What can I give
What can I bring
What can I sing as an offering, Lord
(What can I give
What can I give to You, to You)

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