February 09, 2004

I love God. I'm so alone and yet, I'm so not alone. God is so great.

Today I had a chance to catch up with Trevor, an old friend of mine from Mac. Praise God that he's back to attending church again, and that his spiritual walk is building up again. He has been attending a church in Irvine, California called New Song Church. They use a motto C (cubed). Christ, Community, Cause. Here's their site.

Anyway, I love it when churches post their sermons so I'm listening to them now. I like the way they're organized by series. If I could only find a way to save this stuff so I can put it on a cd..

Trev was telling me how Michael Chang went to his church to speak once, and he got an autographed tennis ball that says: "Jesus loves you. MChang." Pretty cool!

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