February 18, 2004

A coupla days ago I had a dream about The Apprentice. We (i can't remember who) were all sitting in the boardroom, and Donald Trump was trying to decide which of us to fire. He decided in order to decide he would look at all of the notes we had taken, so one by one he went through peoples' notes, and then when he got to me, my notes were filled with doodles, cartoon drawings, etc. He was pretty mad. He couldn't even make out my writing. I was so sure he'd fire me but then he fired someone else (again sorry I can't remember who was there with me). Anyway, I just thought that was a little weird.

Speaking of The Apprentice, I'm really excited about this week's episode. I think this is the week that Omarosa finally gets fired. It'll be either her or Heidi, both of whom I find disturbingly scary. Troy is also a possibility. Although it looks like Heidi might leave the show in a manner similar to Jenna on Survivor All-stars. Oh yeah, and I'm also predicting some sort of merge. There are 10 players left.. usually Survivor merges at 10.

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